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that rain. maybe we are getting a little break as this marchs through. up there you can see it through minute see know county and lake county. there is pockets of very heavy rain santa rosa a little bit toward nova da. and then on the peninsula down to the santa cruz mountains we are a getting a heck of a lot of rain. the wide shot shows a little bit of a become edge but -- back edge but there is a ton of moisture. here is tara. steve, we do want to mention the national weather service issued a flash flood warning. so be aware of that. as claw dean mentioned westbound 580 all lanes shut down. she'll have more on that. you can see traffic is actually doing pretty well in both directions. there is a lot of rain out
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there on the roadways. make sure you drive slowly this morning. up next this is a look at 101 through san francisco you can see all the rain on our camera lens there. definitely slippery conditions and puddles on the roadways. let's head back to the desk. topping our news the bay area pounded with rain and high winds in areas overnight. the storm already causing problems on the roads this morning. we have live team coverage for you. county v team meteorologist ryan o'halloran is at -- >> reporter: what you can see on the right is a big rig that was involved in an accident. it will still be awhile before
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the roadway is back open. you're taking a look at video from the scene. this all happened just before 2:00 this morning. the big rig driver said he was going 55 miles an hour when he hit a puddle, flew out of control. the accident did damage the fence along the bart tracks opinion they shut down the bart tracks as a precaution. it did cause a diesel spill on the roadway. jeremy with the chp is joining me now. i want to ask you what everyone is asking when do you think the roadway will be back open? >> well, we are waiting on bart to repair their fence. as soon as they are done, cal trans can get in and clean up the oil on the roadway and we'll have it open within the hour. >> reporter: how much is this diesel spill on the roadway? >> it's basically five gallons of oil from the engine black. it's not diesel. >> reporter: it's not a huge spill but it's just one step at a time.
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>> just with the water it all spreads. we have to make sure it's all cleaned up. >> reporter: we should mention driver is okay. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it looks like the beginning of a very long morning if drivers head out the door right now. >> slow down and take your time getting there. >> reporter: thank you very much. you're taking a look at where the diverting traffic at this hour. that is the 680 interchange if you're familiar with this area. they are just pushing all traffic over there. i can tell you it is slow going. it backs up for quite awhile as people approach this area. again the best estimate we are being given is maybe within the hour. possibly 5:45. that gets us well into the morning commute. certainly this will impact things for quite awhile. at this point they have to fix the bart tracks or fence. we have seen a train coming through here. we think the bart trains are moving then they have to clean up the roadway and then hopefully everything will get
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back open and traffic can start moving through here again. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. certainly a messy commute in a few spots. a few hours earlier take a look there was another accident on 580 in livermore. that was involving a safeway truck. that happened shortly staff 11:00 last -- shortly after 11:00 last night. the driver lost control for unknown reasons. probably was windy out there and rainy. slid across all eastbound lanes. lanes had to be shut down for ten minutes while the crews moved the truck. the driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. >> as we have seen driving is extremely treacherous. drivers facing pounding rain and high winds and some cases power outages. rosemary orozco continues our storm coverage. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. we just passed over the bridge moments ago. but some good news here take a look at the bridge now.
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the lights are back on. when we drove across it was very windy, the rain pelting our windshield, and really, really dark. extremely dark. making it almost scary to drive across. good news the power is on and the lights are on. i want to shift the camera a little bit and show you the rain really coming down. as steve mentioned a moment ago it is beginning to lighten up just a little bit but the gusts are driving the rain here and in our area the winds have died down for the time being. but we have felt gusts to maybe 20 miles an hour getting up over the bridge. we had a chp officer stop by and talk to us. but he had to leave. he had to go and help out with the spinout. several accidents reported he tells me. several areas down with power out this morning. and they have responded to at least a dozen toppled trees. the wind gusts definitely -- definitely causing problems here. if you are getting out be
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prepared for that. for the north bay the wind advisory lasts until 7:00 this morning and will continue for the peninsula a little bit later. steve will have updates on that. the flash flood watch continues as you heard a little while ago now a warning for parts of sonoma county. it is a very slow and dangerous ride out here this morning. when we come back in talking to that chp officer he said the winds even though he can be very hazardous actually bring something positive to the drive. i'm going to share that with you coming up. >> thank you, rosemary. she just mentioned sonoma. that is one of the hardest hit areas. emergency responders. the russian river is expected to rise very quickly with all of this rain. if all goes well it will remain below flood stage this weekend. however, the santa rosa creek still recovering from wednesday's rain. last thing it needs is more
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rain. santa rosa has already set up an emergency operation center. fallen trees also a big concern. rosemary orozco mentioned a chp officer heading off there. especially dangerous in santa cruz mountains. landscapers rushed yesterday to clear dying fur trees before the storm. redwoods would sway with the wind but furs are the hardest to handle. >> and local school districts may cancel class today due to the storm and dangerous road conditions. santa rosa may close individual or all of its schools today. it will analyze each school and all of its roads to make sure if it's safe to drive. an official announcement will come around 7:00 this morning. we are keeping an eye on all the local airports here. coming up at 4:47 delays and cancellations you should expect if you are traveling today.
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we'll continue to track the storm throughout the morning. you can get updates any time with storm tracker two. you will find it online on your mobile device, or through one of our apps. oakland police plan to release more information on the autistic teenage girl found in san francisco after disappearing on tuesday. the 16-year-old's father told us investigators said his daughter was beaten and sexually assaulted. police say the girl walked away from the fred finch youth center on tuesday night. staff say they followed her for more than two miles but lost sight of her near the fruitvale bart nation. he wants the center held accountable. >> they tracked her by vehicle and on foot for five hours. never detaining her. which they have the authority to physically detain her and put her in the vehicle. >> youth center says the doors are not locked and kids are allowed to leave. she was last seen at the bart station with a group of six
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men. police have not released any information on the teenagers condition or the circumstances of her disappearance. 4:38 this morning. the u.s. supreme court could announce whether it will review the challenge to proposition eight which bans same sex marriage in california. if the justices decide not to hear the case a lower court ruling that found the ban unconstitutional would stand. san francisco city hall is preparing for a rush of same sex couples that want to marry and there is a plan for a large celebration on monday night if same sex marriage becomes legal again in california. time now is 4:38. tara is in for sal this morning. it will be a rough compute. there are a lot of tree limbs down. >> i think we will be really busy today letting folks know what is beginning on out there. chp i do not envy them. we do have a flash flood warning in effect for sonoma county until 5:22 this morning. we also have a high wind advisory along the bay bridge. right now we will head outside and take a look at the east
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shore freeway. traffic is moving along fairly slowly which is a good idea during the rainy and windy conditions to go the speed limit or slower. up next we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is froing pretty-- flowing pretty well. we have a lot of puddles around this area. and finally we have a map here where claudine is. also mud slide we want to mention on 101 northbound at west railroad avenue two lanes now open but all lanes had been shut down previously. let's check in with steve. tara, thank you. that flash flood warning also near petaluma goes until 6:15. things will change rapidly. you can see there is a tremendous amount of cloud cover that is not moving. the rain line though is. and to the north parts of sonoma county things have calmed down.
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it doesn't mean we are done yet. i'll tell you it's a lot of cloud cover out there. area in question right around pen grove. so some of the rain continues over to fairfield very heavy. san ramon. danville, parts of east bay. be careful of highway 24 it was as hard as i have seen it rain in a long time. yet on the oakland berkeley side it wasn't that bad. it's wide spread rain but some is just a general rain. others is pounding. peninsula we'll take a closer look at that coming up next time. also down to the santa cruz mountains. there is lighter returns to the west. let's hope that keeps marching right along. some lighter rain fall prompts a flash flood watch. wind advisory as pam was just saying and i saw it myself i'll tell you a lot of trees a lot
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of limbs just all over the place. slow down. i would give yourself an extra 20-30 minutes. it will be a mess getting into work or just wait it out or stay home. some of the rainfall projections were spot on. i saw three or four inches in cads dare a. this will continue today. now we will focus our attention more toward the santa cruz mountains. we are not done yet. and we could see another 4-6 inches of rain on that. flood warning out for extreme northern california. with that in mind it will be a rainy, windy day. heaviest rain will be here in the morning and decreasing later on. then we will go from the north bay toward the south bay. brian and pam. >> thank you, steve. alleged sexual assault against a 13-year-old girl. three people in custody and what she was doing that may have put her in danger. getting rid of the dollar bill. the reason behind the push to switch to coins instead. here's a look at 101 through san francisco you can see the rainy conditions and we'll tell you the hot spots to
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watch out for this morning.
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good morning. rain moving through some of it very intense. now the intense rain seems to be heading over to the east bay and parts of the peninsula south bay. but there is all sorts of warnings and watches. people across the bay area are stocking up on free sandbags to protect their homes and businesses from the wet weather. we saw this man filling sandbags in pleasant hill. many bay area cities are making sandbags available during the storm. for a full list go to the tarp is on the field at sanford stadium as the rain pours down ahead of tonight's pac 12 championship game. stanford hosts ucla bruins. sorry stanford go bruins. stanford's ticket manager tells
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the san francisco chronicle the weather has hurt ticket sales. we have complete pac 12 championship coverage on our website you can watch tonight's 5:00 game right here on ktvu channel 2 our coverages begins at 4:30 after an early edition of the news. this morning president obama travels to a toy factory in pennsylvania to make a new appeal for his end of fiscal cliff. he will make the case that congress needs to take action to stop taxes from going up on middle class consumers. republicans say they are not impressed with the president's latest proposal brought to capitol hill yesterday by timothy geithner. the white house proposal consists of $1.6 trillion over a decade. the administration wants $50 billion for infrastructure spending in 2015. the president is offering to support an unspecified amount of spending cuts this year.
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the $1 bill may be on its way out. congressional auditors want to do away with the dollar bill and replace them with $1 coins. they say the switch could save taxpayers more than $40 billion over the next 30 years. they are also looking at changing the metal composition of is quarters, dimes, and nickels. oakland is moving forward to put more officers on the streets. two city council members are pushing to hire 20 civilians to work as technicians. they also want to bring in 11 alameda service members. >> we are asking opd officers to volunteer on overtime to provide extra patrols during the times we believe violence has been taking place. >> it also calls for funding
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for a new police academy next summer. mountain view police could release more information about the alleged sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. police say the attack happened on eskula avenue. they tell us the girl knew the suspects and was drinking alcohol with them when the assault occurred. two have been arrested in the case. the girl is home reekerring from the family. coast guard is sending out a warning to boaters and beach goers to be extra careful because of the storm. high winds are expected to create problems for boaters. the coast guard also wants to remind dog owners that dogs are typically stronger swimmers than people and not to attempt to rescue a dock doc from a surf zone. if you are heading out on a flight this morning, you urged to check your flight time. there are a few cancellations and delays listed on sfo's
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website. yesterday the faa issued a low advisory because of a low cloud base. more bad weather expected today which means more delays and cancellations are certainly possible. 4:49 now. we were talking about our commute this morning. quite a mess out there. tara, it's important to tell people to give extra time when they go on the roadways. >> definitely. steve hit it on the head. it is a mess right now. in many areas we will hear the wind and rain pelting against your window pain. shaking your house as you were sleeping. our roadways took a beating too. right now the roads particularly treacherous in sonoma county because of a flash flood warning. right now we will take a look at the east shore freeway where cars are traveling a lot more slowly than usual. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is flowing nicely but there is a high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. also a look at the golden gate
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bridge can show you that extremely wet conditions out there folks going very slowly. we do have a mud slide we want to mention and that is at the railroad avenue exit be aware of that. two lanes are now open. also 680 northbound in walnut creek we have extremely large puddle. there is danger of hydroplaning there. definitely be careful. here is steve. thank you. our system has arrived as advertised. and there is maybe a little silver lining here. it's moving. my fear here it would stall out. not before it left four to six inches of rain. if you have a rain total sp weather on twitter you can always get me there or e-mail me. the cloud cover is not letting up. it will be a cloudy, rainy day. flash flood warning is out. to the north there is breaks
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especially to the north. northern sonoma county and lake county radar may not be picking up all of it but intense rain is still over st. helena, yountville and vacaville and into the east bay as well. mt. diablo i know 680 there has been a mess. there has been bursts of heavy rain. over to the peninsula it looks like about the same. occasionally around wood side. i saw a pretty good little cell going through there. wide spread rain will continue south bay san jose as well. nothing too outrageous yet. and santa cruz mountains in the yellow and red. that doesn't mean it won't pick up later on. expect a wet warning here. we have a flash flood watch out. the weather service will be updating things here throughout the morning. wind advisory still busts to 50 miles an hour. we are not done yet. we have one more system trying
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to come into the pipeline. that will be here until we head toward sunday. that will give us the same amount of totals between thursday and again into friday, saturday maybe another two to four or five inches of rain are possible. >> thank you, steve. time now is 4:52. voters in richmond rejected a soda tax this month but the battle is far from over. the other bay area cities considering similar measures. now that one of the state's biggest oyster farms is closing down the big changes diners can see.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 4:54. today the drakes bay oyster farm is shut down. that is after the secretary of interior decided not to give a ten year. knew the the license to operate expired today but because the farm produces 40% of the states oysters he expected to get an extension. now restaurants and seafood markets say the price will go up with the more limited supply. richmond's ballot measure that would increase a tax on sodas. they rejected the penny per ounce on sodas. but now san francisco, berkeley, vallejo, and alameda
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county are discussing similar measures. he expects those efforts to fail as well. 4:55 is the time. traffic expected to be pretty intense with the overnight rains and winds. let's check in with tara. >> we have that flash flood warning in effect for sonoma county until 5:22. give yourself extra time if you are heading out this morning. let's take a live look right now this is at highway 4 through bay point. traffic is move nicely to concord. we have an incident to report 80 eastbound at tennessee street. we do have roadway flooding. up next a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is flowing nicely. we do have a high wind advisory on the bridge. here is steve. all right i think there is a little bit of good news here. i think the system is begin to
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move through. in clearlake there is a little drizzle. that is good news. still though there is a flash flood warning for pen grove stream. there is plenty to go. on the backside of that that verifies exactly there is a little bit better conditions to the north. especially up in napa county. some of that is pushing east. but not before there is pretty heavy rain especially around lafayette. let's come out a little bit on this. stretching out toward antioch and brentwood and oakley but right there on 680 right by danville, back over toward highway 24 be careful. come back out and move along as well. over toward oakland and san leandro that is pretty intense rain. you can see that heads right back over into daly city, south
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san francisco, oakland. 880 corridor back over the san mateo bridge as well. over toward sfo which is that gust at 50 miles an hour. on the peninsula you can see from south san francisco, san mateo, redwood city as well. now let's take a look over toward wood side. also in the santa cruz mountains not yet but that will be our next focus as this system slides south. we'll have more coming up including the warnings and watches in three minutes. >> steve, we'll keep a watch on that. coming up we are on storm watch. we're windchilling the dangerous highways and tracking the number of power outages. a violent crime on a stormy morning. police in the south bay are investigating. w
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